Don't just give gifts, give woodworking heirlooms!

This website is devoted to offering woodworking plans and patterns that can be used to make woodworking gifts.

Okay, we are all woodworkers. Why don't we make the gifts we give to our loved ones?

- Our time is limited

- Need a lot of gifts

- Don't always have the right tools

You may not realize it yet, but you just solved those problems because what we have here at are inexpensive plans for nice woodworking projects you can build with minimum equipment in a nominal amount of time. And, if you plan it right, you can build more than one gift at a time.

So have a look at these boxes and stay tuned, more projects are coming!

all our plans are:

    professionally done
    exact working drawings
    made to facilitate multiple unit production
    require minimum equipment (no planer)
    very detailed
    very flexible

plans include:

    exact detailed drawings
    assembly drawings
    pictorial views
    exploded views
    cutting & material list
    cutout drawings
    pertinent notes
    different version ideas